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Zamug Pashto A Multimedia Pashto Tutor Is For You

Learning Of Pashto For Non-Pashto Speakers
A Multimedia Pashto language learning and teaching tutor designed for children and adults powered by computers. Begin by teaching the Pashto Alphabets then numbers and leads to short conversations about body, home, food, commercial, transportation and other daily activities, covers conversation in many subjects of a Pashtun society. It is a self-thought tool with help of computers.

Try Before You Buy
Unfortunately we do not have a try before you by program, but we are able to send you a small demo. If you are interested, provide us your postal address.

Hardware And Software Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP, any PC recommended for the windows

Price & Delivery:
Presently Zamug Pashto is under development and will be released soon:
Advance Order $25 Save $20
Released Price $45
Deliver US$10 outside Afghanistan and Pakistan.Transliteration
On release of the products, your order will be shipped for
payment and advanced order.

Release date
The project is started in summer 1999, your early order will further expedite it is release.

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