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Qur'an line by line with Pashto translation (which can be recited by computer) with the choice of Qaries, 3 Pashtun speaking and 3 world known. We will include the Tafsirs to be decided by a Jirga of Ulma. The Pashto Qur'an CD's will have Fiqa in Pashto; I pray Allah to give us power to fulfill that task.
If at any stage we were not able to undertake that project we want to refund those who book their copies in advance.

Hardware And Software Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP, any PC recommended for the windows

Price & Delivery:
Presently Pashto Quran is under development and will be released soon:
Advance Order $25 Save $20
Released Price $45
Deliver US$10 outside Afghanistan and Pakistan.
On release of the products, your order will be shipped for
payment and advanced order.

Release date
The project is started in summer 1999, your early order will further expedite it is release.

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