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  Liwal Asiasoft™
Farsi/Dari Support for
Microsoft Windows® 98
Manufacturer: Liwal Limited
Part No: LK-306
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Farsi/Dari Add-On to Windows 95, enable Microsoft Arabic Windows 95 and makes Microsoft Arabic Office 95 and Office 97 Farsi/Dari. Our Farsi/Dari support enables many Windows applications to type and process Farsi/Dari. You can type and process Farsi/Dari in Word 95 & 97; Excel 95 & 97; Access 95 &97; Power Point 95 & 97 and hundreds of other Arabic Windows 95 programs.

How it works?

Install Liwal Asiasoft Farsi/Dari Support for Windows 95 (once only) installation is automatic from a CD.

Run any supported application, for example Microsoft Word.

Shift to right to left paragraph, by clicking on the right to left Arrow at Word, Formatting toolbar. Also it can be made default.

Select Font the Asiatype Farsi/Dari Fonts from the Font Drop down list or Format Font menu. We have many Farsi/Dari True type fonts, which can be scaled to any size.

Choose the Farsi/Dari Keyboard. The Farsi/Dari keyboard can be selected from Keyboard icon on lower right corner of Windows or by pressing Right Alt + Right Shift keys. To select English press Left Alt + Left-Shift.

Asiasoft Farsi/Dari soft keyboard layout work with you existing keyboard. Also Farsi/Dari keyboard overlays and stickers can be purchased from Asiasoft. Afghan Standard Keyboard (Pashto/Dari)

Farsi/Dari in Office 97 Samples

(Screen shot)
Microsoft Word 97

(Screen shot) Microsoft Excel 97
(Screen shot) Microsoft Access 97
(Screen shot) Microsoft Power Point 97

Farsi/Dari in Other Applications Samples

(Screen shot) Corel Draw 6
(Screen shot) Corel Draw 8
(Screen shot) Corel Draw 9
(Screen shot) Corel Draw 10

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