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تشرح نده ساتل شوې. مخکې لاړ شه؟
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Liwal Software
Since 1998, with a slogan "Computerize your language", Liwal developed information and communication technology solutions that enabled systems, computers, operating systems and popular applications to process Afghan and regional languages like Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and others, our solutions served and contributed to individual, institutional and governmental progress.
لېوال محاسب غبرګ پېژندکرتوب پوستغالى يا اپ په مرسته د ځيرک ګرځند له لارې سيستم ته په خوندي توګه دننه کېدلاى شئ، د خونديتوب لپاره سيستم بايد ستاسې ځيرک وپېژني او ترهغه وروسته مو دننه کړي. که تاسې د محاسب پرمټ چليدونکو برېښويبځاينو کې چارې ترسره کوئ، ددې پوستغالي يا اپ غوښتنه به کوئ. د پوستغالي کارولو لپاره انډرايډ ځيرک او ګوګل کروم، اوپرا يا پايرپاکس لټونګر يا براوسر ته اړتيا لرئ. اىپون سيستم لپاره ترکار لاندې دى.
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Liwal® Mahasib™ is a new and modern cloud based ERP, the designs is mimicking business books in a unique entire tree based system, it makes accounting, administrative, content management and customer management as simple as using paper books. Dedicated to solving business and public sector administrative, financial, content management , customer relation management and online presence challenges. Multi-site, multi-currency, multi-user, multi-lingual, multi-project and multi-companies, cloud based, mobile and blockchain enabled ERP for PC, Web, Show more...
Liwal Asiasoft™ Pashto, Dari, Farsi & Urdu Support works with any language version of Microsoft windows including import and conversion of documents typed in Microsoft operating systems such as DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98.
Liwal Asiasoft™ Pashto, Dari, Farsi & Urdu Add-on to Microsoft Windows makes Microsoft Windows and Office Applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Outlook Express fully enabled and Enhance Farsi and Urdu capabilities of Windows.

Liwal Asiasoft™ Pashto Support works well Windows and Unicode aware applications to process Pashto and enhance Farsi and Urdu.
Programmers and custom application developers can utilize Liwal Asiasoft™ Pashto, Dari, Farsi and Urdu Support as environment for C++ & Visual Basic programming to build better application for Pashto, Dari, Farsi and Urdu. Also customized solutions can be developed in Microsoft Office.

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Liwal Likwal is a Pashto text embedding program, enabling any application to process Pashto language text even those that do not support or process text reshaping for Arabic and extended Arabic scripts. Simply type the required text in Likwal editor and paste it in the desire application from a selection of Liwal specialized fonts. Likwal is a specialized software for designers, publishers, video editors and sub-titling application in broadcasting.Likwal is helpful in embedding Pashto text in raster or vector graphics editors like Adobe Phtoshop, video editors like Premier, Coreldraw , subtitling applications in broadcasting CG. Likwal can work for Dari, Persian, Urdu and many other languages

Likwal was marketed since 1996 and it support ended in December 2016. Contact us if Likwal is required for your large scale project.
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Liwal iOS support 1.0 was released we in 2013, was the first app providing Pashto input method for iOS that allowed typing Pashto in iOS according to the Liwal Keyboard Layout. The version 1 .0 provided typing Pashto in the app and was cut and paste, where needed in the iOS. Version 1.1 provided system wide Pashto input method. Pashto iOS user are very limited, therefore the app could not afford pay the iOS app store membership fee and discontinued in 2017.
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Linux is an open-source operating systems based on the Linux kernel, first released on September 17, 1991. Linux kernel is typically packaged in a Linux distribution like Ubuntu, Fedora, Kubuntu, CentOS & others.

Liwal Linux Support 1.0 includes Pashto, Dari fonts and input method for Linux operating systems that utilize an X windows system or GUI. Also includes support for MySQL or MariaDB databases to provide the correct sorting order for Pashto and Dari Languages.

If you require Pashto & Dari support for Linux or Unix based operating systems in your organization, please contact us.
Liwal Dictionary and Translator is a feature packed language translation service for Pashto, Dari and English. It is also designed to easily extend to other languages, consists of words digitized from a number of authentic dictionaries and synonyms for multiple languages. Users can also suggest words or provide translation to extend the dictionary's datasets.
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As a philanthropic action, dissemination of knowledge, removing the digital divide and contribution to the society at large, Mr.Noor Rahman Liwal started developing fonts under AsiaType™ in 1989 with a vision to enable the computer process Pashto language. The first AsiaType™ CGI font and TrueType Fonts were developed and bundled in Liwal Support for WordPerfect 5.1. They were ported to Liwal Sup Show more...
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Liwal Asiasoft Pashto, Farsi & Urdu support for Windows 95, was released on Mary 25, 1998. Liwal add-on supported the DOS-based version Windows 95 and Windows-1256 code page with several specialized Liwal Asiattype(TM) true type fonts and underlying input method. Support required the Arabic enabled version.

Windows 95 was a major commercial success for Microsoft as well as for Liwal, Windows 95 become a fixture on computer desktops around the world. Windows 95 was followed up with the release of Windows 98 and Windows Me and Liwal support was released accordingly. Support for this Liwal add-on ended in December 2006. For conversion of Pashto and Urdu characters typed by Liwal add-on support for Windows 95, a specialized converter is included in Liwal Asiasoft™ Pashto, Dari, Farsi and Urdu Support For Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8,10.

This was the bi-gist achievement and pride for the Afghanistan computing market and beyond, enabling computer operating system to fully overcome the Afghanistan needs on any level. Worldwide, many nations struggle through their governments, research and educational institutions to have a localized or enabled version of operating system, Mr. Noor Rahman Liwal as refugee in Pashtunkhwa, not having legal right to business nor support from any institution, enabled the Windows 95 operating system to support Pashto, Farsi and Urdu for the first time and before many countries including Iran, Pakistan and other neighboring Stan countries. Enabling the Windows operating system made it possible for database, spreadsheet, word-processing, presentation, publishing, emailing, Internet, software development and many other applications to process Pashto, Farsi and Urdu.
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This Liwal Add-On support for WordPerfect 5.1 released in 1994. It enabled the world number 1 word-processor application WordPerfect version 5.1 for (DOS) to process Pashto language typing, display, and printing with True Type Fonts.
For the first time Liwal developed 8 Pashto TrueType fonts under the Asiatype(TM) that enabled Pashto text scaleable to any size, was revolutionary achievement in computing of the Pashto and Dari word-processing locally in Afghanistan, Pashtunkhwa and internationally. This support greatly contributed to the word-processing of Pashto market, during those days calligraphy was used for books on all levels, limiting the publication of Pashto books dozens each year. As refugee and with very limited resources Liwal enabled computers to process Pashto, that revolutionized the publications on all levels. The Danish Printing Press said that Liwal software enabled them for years to print daily one book, some of the books was huge as 1200 pages.

Th software greatly contributed to every spare of Afghan society including governance, education and business.This product life ended in 2000. If you have a document written in WP and need conversion, contact us.
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