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Your Gateway to World's Languages Services
Liwal offers translations to and from every Language in the World

Liwal helps business reach customers, suppliers and employees in the World market. We create value for our clients by providing a one-stop shop in translation, as well as data conversion services in the SGML/ XML/ HTML conversion, PDF conversion, e-books, image conversion and scanning, OCR and multilingual web site development.

Translation Services
We will translate any type of document, from a letter to a technical manual, from and to any Language in the World. Our clients can be sure of quick, efficient and accurate service at affordable prices.
We use the most qualified and knowledgeable linguists to provide the highest quality translations in Banking, Commerce, Health, Marketing, Science, Computers, Culture, Insurance, Medical and Tourism.

Our rigid translation process requires that three of our professional native linguists work on every job: a translator, an editor a proofreader and a final quality assurance controller. For each project, we carefully select the entire language team based on their knowledge of the subject area and the target audience in question. For better management and timely completion of any project a manager and coordinator is assigned to each project to ensure that teams are following the policies, procedures and methodology of every project.

Once the initial translator finalizes the work, the language team's editor carefully reviews and refines it to ensure that the translation reads as if it were originally written in the target language. Then the team's proofreader provides language quality control, checking to ensure that each piece of work is flawless and the final quality assurance controller do a thorough check to ensure 100% quality assurance guaranteed completion of any project. This means nothing is left to chance once, your important document is assigned to our company for implementation.
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