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Multilingual Services

Twenty first century's technological progress and continuous development of technologies affecting global economy in the global village of today world. This technological progress is making it possible for successful businesses to explore and expand into new markets around the World hoping to reach new potential customers to buy their products, use their services and solutions.

This exploration and expansion to new markets require a solid business success strategy that must be based on growth i.e., reaching prospects, customer conversion and customer retention. The success of this core business strategy i.e., reaching prospects, customer conversion and customer retention requires any business to globalize products; services and solutions based on the target markets needs.

Liwal offers professional services based on the globalizations industry standards necessary to expand and globalize your business with a complete range of globalization services that includes:
Document translation
Patent translation
Content localization
Software localization
Web localization
Audio localization
Video localization
Cultural consulting
Language classes

As your business develop and progress through your global journey of globalization our professional services oriented teams will be there for you every step of the way. This will ensure your success of solid growth for your business i.e., reaching prospects, customer conversion and customer retention
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