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  Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Urdu Support Software for Microsoft Windows
Liwal® Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Urdu Support for Windows® 2000
Liwal® Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Urdu Support for Windows XP
Liwal® Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Urdu Support for Windows® 2000
  Pashto, Dari, Farsi,Urdu, Hindi, Web and Browser Supports
Liwal Asiatype™ Pashto, Farsi, Urdu Web Support
Support creation of Urdu Web Pages whit special Asiatype™ Fonts, which can be browsed and printed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or above and many other CCS aware browsers nothing is need on browsers part.
  Pashto, Dari, Farsi,Urdu, Hindi, Server Support
Liwal Asiatype™ Multilingual Server Support
Asiatype™ Server Support is a web server extension or Add-on for Apachi or Microsoft Internet Information Servers. Recommended for Web Server owners with Pashto, Farsi, Dari, Urdu, Sindhi, Sorani and other Arabic scripts based languages.
  Pashto, Dari, Farsi,Urdu, Hindi, PDF Supports
Liwal Asiatype™ Pashto, Farsi and Urdu PDF Support
With Asiasoft™ Pashto, Farsi and Urdu Support now you can convert your Pashto, Farsi and Urdu files created in your favorite applications of Microsoft Windows, Office 95, Office 97, Office XP, CorelDraw and others applications into PDF and publish them on your Web site, intranet, CD-ROM, or distributing them by e-mail and there is no need of software availability on the other side. PDF files fully retain their entire original layout, including fonts, images, tables, and even multicolumn text.

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