Liwal ADS-B  Surveillance
Liwal ADS-B Surveillance
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Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) system is used on an international scale and the aviation authorities of U.S.A have already made it mandatory for aircraft to be equipped with this system before entering their airspace. Many Countries have programs to switch from old radars to ADS-B systems. Afghanistan started using ADS-B in 2012.
ADS-B provides modern and instantaneous aircraft surveillance system for civilian flights and performs duties such as aircraft identification, surveillance and ensuring aircraft safety.

Ground & Satellite based Surveillance system for en route aircraft, terminal and airport area movements.
Options of regional or aircraft-based worldwide tracking.
Integration with Liwal Mahasib ERP system that provides admin & finance, scheduling, overflight fees, airport charges and automation of other Airport operation and revenue management
Localized user interfaces in Pashto & Dari and English.
Local Maintenance & Support inside Afghanistan.
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