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تشرح نده ساتل شوې. مخکې لاړ شه؟
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Liwal Aviation Offers services such as Airport Surveillance Radar Maintenance , Liwal ADS-B Surveillance , Air Traffic Controller Systems maintenance and Airport Planning Systems.
Airport Surviellance Radar Maintenance
Airport Surviellance Radar Maintenance
Airport Surveillance Radar abbreviated as ASR is a radar system that are place in airports for detecting the position of aircraft and used by Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) for air traffic flow management to monitor flights, ensure safety, efficiency and enhanced situational awareness. ASR systems usually contain a primary and secondary radar. The primary radar consists of a continually rotating antenna transmitting electromagnetic radiation that backscatters as an echo from the surface of an aircraft. By measuring the time delay of the echo, the aircraft is detected at long ranges. The secondary radar uses a radar beacon antenna to transmit and receive aircraft data such as identification codes, barometric altitude etc. Transmitting power ranges for the primary radar can be upto 25 kW whereas the secondary radar from 100 W to 2000 W.
Liwal ADS-B  Surveillance
Liwal ADS-B Surveillance
Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) system is used on an international scale and the aviation authorities of U.S.A have already made it mandatory for aircraft to be equipped with this system before entering their airspace. Many Countries have programs to switch from old radars to ADS-B systems. Afghanistan started using ADS-B in 2012.
ADS-B provides modern and instantaneous aircraft surveillance system for civilian flights and performs duties such as aircraft identification, surveillance and ensuring aircraft safety.

Ground & Satellite based Surveillance system for en route aircraft, terminal and airport area movements.
Options of regional or aircraft-based worldwide tracking.
Integration with Liwal Mahasib ERP system that provides admin & finance, scheduling, overflight fees, airport charges and automation of other Airport operation and revenue management
Localized user interfaces in Pashto & Dari and English.
Local Maintenance & Support inside Afghanistan.
Air Traffic Controller Systems maintenance
Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) use radar and non-radar based technologies to control the airspace and track the movement of aircraft from tarmac to the skies. Apart from radar, Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS–B) systems that use satellite navigation and other senors are also employed in the aviation industry where aircraft periodically broadcast its position to the air traffic controller and other aircraft for situational awareness. ATC use many different tools such as flight data processing system, minimum safe altitude warning systems, arrival and departure managers and other navigation systems.
د هوايي ډګر د پلانولو سيسټمونه
Airport Planning Systems
Airports can utilize advanced GIS products to obtain location intelligence from dynamic views and comprehensive analytical dashboards. GIS based solutions can enhance safety, comply with regulations, improve efficiency and can provide assets that are easily integrated with other airport systems.

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